thank you
"Thank you for..." - the project where Ukrainians who were running away the war thank Lithuania for all kinds of help. Different fates, cities and stories, united by one goal - to express gratitude.
When I was observing newcomers Ukrainians, I noticed that most of them were genuinely surprised and delighted at the warm welcome they received on Lithuanian lands. Many ran away without their belongings and money, leaving their comfort, jobs, and dearest people, but once in a foreign country, they were not forgotten. This project is a small opportunity for them to say thank you and for those who help to see that everything is not done in vain.
22 years old, Belarusian, graduated from BSU in Web-journalism, at the moment I am studying at EHU in Visual Plastics program.
The project cooperates with a private Lithuanian organization 1K Aid Fund (Oleg Shuraev).
Iolanta Kazakova
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Vilnius, Lithuania
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